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Unit 1: Organic Chemistry
  Chapter 1: Organic Compounds
  Chapter 2: Polymers: Plastics, Nylons, and Food
  Unit 1: Review
Unit 2: Structure and Properties
  Chapter 3: Atomic Theories
  Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding
  Unit 2: Review
Unit 3: Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction
  Chapter 5: Thermochemistry
  Chapter 6:Chemical Kinetics
  Unit 3: Review
Unit 4:Chemical Systems and Equilibrium
  Chapter 7: Chemical Systems in Equilibrium
  Chapter 8: Acid-Base Equilibrium
  Unit 4: Review
Unit 5: Electrochemistry
  Chapter 9: Electric Cells
  Chapter 10: Electrolytic Cells
  Unit 5: Review